You traded your ship for me?

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↳ Day Three: A heartbreaking scene

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Not so subtle Killian Jones.

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The person that the world sees us as is important to both of us, I think probably more so than anyone else. Christine doesn’t give a fuck what the world thinks of her, I have a vested interest in what the world thinks of me. Like I have a name that I have to uphold to. I cannot disrespect that… and that’s a huge—it’s really scary, I have to think about that every day. Like do my actions reflect badly upon my family, my sister. That’s a lot of responsibility, so I don’t think that I have the luxury of being a total dickfuck. —

Frankie J. Grande, 9/1 12:54 AM PST

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I would love Derrick so much if he could get Frankie on the block tomorrow. It would be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life… —Nicole talking to God/herself (via fallingupbackwards)

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once upon a time meme: nine episodes [1/9]
     ↳ 3x22 - There’s No Place Like Home

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came for the cute, stayed for the sexy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧!

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ariana grande’s brother sure is a piece of shit

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I love that their first concern is getting ahold of each other.

If you look at this frame by frame, neither of them are scrambling to get a grasp on the ground or something that would keep them from falling into the portal until after they are able to connect hands. This is one of those moments where it goes by so fast that there is little time for thought. You would think if a person was being sucked into a swirling vortex of potential doom, that naturally they would be desperately clawing at anything they could in order to avoid it. It’s a survival instinct.

However, when someone you care about is also in trouble the priorities change. They are desperately reaching out to each other as they inch closer and closer to the danger, because it isn’t about getting out of the situation. It’s about getting out of the situation together.

And it says so much that they mutually think of the other first. Neither one wants the other to fall through even if they themselves could be saved, because that would mean losing someone that they don’t want to let go of. It’s natural to them because of how they feel for one another. They are a team and no matter the outcome they will fight it together.

Only when they finally are holding each other, making sure they will share the same fate, does Killian use his hook to keep them both from falling in. And then moments later we see just how true it is that love dictates their actions as he chooses to risk his life to follow her into the unknown.


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[old man voice]  these disney kids…

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