OUAT meme: One episode- The Price of Gold

No one breaks deals with me, dearie.

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#one of the greatest villains of all time they said #more like a clueless pirate ♥‿♥

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The worst thing for Sunday would probably be like

They look at each other

They smile shyly

They nod at each other

They lean in for the kiss

Faces are inches away from each other

The close their eyes

Screen fades into black

See you in seven days, motherfuckers.

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i actually think it’d be cool if hook’s kiss takes emma’s magic away and getting her magic back is a major plot in season 4… 4A could be emma and hook going on adventures together (like in tallahassee) to find a way to bring her magic back — what a cute honeymoon

i need this 

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Such pretty lips…and so wasted. Why haven’t you used those…lucious lips and kissed Emma? —Zelena every CSer, first sneak peek for 3X19 (via capitainepoilu)

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I would like to take a moment to state a few things:

  • Killian has some freaking sexy tongue movements going on here
  • I, at one point in time, have worn makeup that matched his almost exactly in this scene
  • I would have tied him up too—-I mean what no we shouldn’t do that
  • And back to the tongue….of freaking course that would be Colin’s first instinct when acting this scene out….
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make me choosepirateswaan asked killian jones or henry mills ?

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Killian Jones is a delicate flower and a delicate lady.
He crosses his legs under the table and he loves to be courted. And he will flirt with you with a rose between his lips dancing flamenco.

Lady Killian Jones the most delicate flower of the seven seas.


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3x19 sneak peek #1

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…to be a better man than your father

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So… Soon?

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 “Right now, Emma doesn’t seem so interested in kissing him. So we’ll have to see if that changes.” - Eddy Kitsis


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