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Never forget.

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i feel bad for the casual viewers who have been brainwashed into loving nicole and hating zach bc they are not truly living their lives

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i hope zach wins hoh next week and it’s a single hoh so they can’t dethrone him so they have to deal with him in power all week


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sorry for all the big brother spam lately everyone! i know you all follow me for once upon a time but while it’s on hiatus, i need something else to obsess over on here, and big brother is my other favorite show. if it helps, blacklist #bb16, and it should help eliminate it from your dash :) i’ll try my best to remember to tag every time. obviously, i’m still going to reblog a bunch of OUAT but there’s not much new material. your regularly scheduled ONLY OUAT/Captain Swan overdose will return 9/28

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how DARE people call Dan boring when he orchestrated pretty much every fight in big brother 10, when he came up with nomination roulette for fun, when he hosted his own funeral, when he made THE BIGGEST blindside ever by getting Danielle to use the pov on him and then sending her showmance packing…in both of the seasons he was in, he was the center of attention and don’t you DARE downplay his game just because he’s a straight white male

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Ouat Meme

6/10 Characters- Emma Swan

"You want people to look at you differently? Make them. You wanna change things, you’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself.  Because there are no fairy godmothers in this world"
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ouat challenge:
day 3: favourite episode of s3 → snow drifts

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why do i care about zach rance so much


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well you know it’s kind of a complicated relationship so.. you’ll definitely see some sort of interactions between the two of them as they both try to figure out what it is and the feelings for each other — Colin o’donoghue (x)

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Treat her well, buy her flowers, clean the dishes, and give her lots of little hugs —

Colin’s love advice to Killian [x]

This is seriously the cutest thing ever.

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